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March 21 Meeting and COVID-19 Precautions

The SPWCA Board of Directors has been monitoring the current progress of the COVID -19 virus outbreak in the United States. While there is no immediate indication of its presence in our area, we feel there are certain precautions that should be taken before and during our March 21 Meeting at the Golden Isles Presbyterian Church. BOD members are going to the church in advance to review the setup and determine the best arrangement that aligns with recent CDC information. Of greatest concern is our age demographics as many of us are in the more susceptible age group (myself included). Attached is a document that provides our current plans and as noted is based on CDC guidelines.

There has been some confusion regarding the submission of proxies since the previous ones are still valid. I’d like to emphasize that any proxy, old or new, will be valid and counted only once and the BOD will handle them in accordance with the guidance provided by our lawyers. If you have any concerns about attending the meeting and have not submitted a proxy, please go ahead and send one in or give it to you local BOD representative. We will still allow attendance in person and the casting of a ballot vice use of a proxy unless events dictate otherwise, and we must take another course of action.

Please note as of now the meeting is still scheduled but the BOD does recommend maximum use of proxies (if you agree to the proposed covenants and by-laws). If you assign a proxy to someone that will vote no to the question, they will need to show up and receive ballot(s) as our current covenants allow proxies but not voting by mail.

If you have any questions about the protocol or submission of proxies, please contact your local community BOD representative for help.

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